Found Sound Nation’s Young Producer’s Project is now in its third year at Brooklyn Community Arts and Media High School (BCAM), which has been the site of some of our most successful projects. Our videos Yin & Yang’ and Right About Now (seen below) feature musicians who came out of this program. We owe our success at BCAM to its talented students, as well as support from Principal James O’Brian and Assistant Principal Samantha Charles-Pierre. We have also had the pleasure of collaborating with BCAM teachers Adam Mendola (video), Christy Herbes (art), and Kevin Greer (English).

Our students from the Bronx-based School for Excellence are a highly collaborative and creative group. During eight two-hour sessions we developed a hip-hop beat, a radio ad campaign commercial against smoking, and a short-length comic-thriller soundtrack/radio play. Students also designed their own musical scores using graphic notation, and developed an impressive library of sound effects.